The family circle is made whole when all the members are accounted for and as the health of a community is mirrored in the health of its companion animals, the health of these animals is of primary importance.
This is something Tin Can Town feels deeply and is why although our core purpose is to help the animals, the welfare of their owners and the community are of equal importance.
We are devoted to building impactful relationships that benefit the whole
Our mission:
• To treat the animals medical and nutritional needs.
• To identify problem areas and provide education and support to the pet owners wherever it is needed.
• To control pet population by ongoing sterilization drives
• To prevent disease by providing vaccinations against communicable illnesses.
• To provide foster and permanent homes for those animals surrendered by their owners
• To provide monthly art outreach classes to the children of the township for education and recreational purposes.

We are pro-life, non-profit organization and will never turn our backs on an animal in need. If they have a chance at life, we will do everything we can to fully give them that chance.
We are accountable to the animals of Blikkiesdorp, to their owners, to our donors and supporters.



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