Sponsor a Pop-Up Soup Kitchen

Funding an entire Pop-Up Soup Kitchen means you’ll be recognized as the official sponsor


Types of Pop-Up Soup Kitchens

Essential Cooking Utensils

Community Cooks already have stoves and electricity but requires cooking pots & utensils. (Food purchased from overall budget)

Cooking Gear & Gas Stoves

Community has no stove and 2 gas burnersĀ  will be provided together with cooking utensils.
(Food purchased from overall budget)

Complete with Food and all supplies

Complete Pop-Up Soup Kitchen together with food for 1 week. (approx 300 beneficiaries) (Follow up weeks food from overall budget)



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Personal Info

In order to make an offline donation we ask that you please follow these instructions:

Bank: First National Bank
Name: Tin Can Town
Account number: 6253 835 5729
Branch Code: 260231
FNB swift code: FIRNZAJJ

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and are tax deductible.

Donation Total: R5 000.00