Nala is a sweet, playful, beautiful, and highly intelligent little angel. ?

She graduated from puppy school last week and has learnt to sit, down, stay, come, wait, and walk on a lead. ?

She loves playing with other dogs but can be a little timid when meeting new ones for the first time. ?? Once she realises they are friendly, she bounces around trying to entice them into chasing her.

The vet thinks she is about a year old. She is full of energy and loves her daily walks and of course mealtime! She is medium size and around knee height. She would be the ideal dog for someone who loves hiking, running and being outdoors as she thoroughly enjoys racing around when on off-lead walks and exploring when the opportunity presents itself. ⛹??

She seems good with small children. We don’t know if she’s lived with them before but there were 2 four year old kids at puppy school who she said hello to with a lick before carrying on her way, and she was introduced to her foster mommy’s friend’s 5 year old and she was only too happy to play fetch with him. She is ok with cats provided they stand their ground with her and show her who is boss. ? She does enjoy chasing them if they run away.

Nala is going to make the right someone amazingly happy! Are you her true forever home? ?

Please contact Rosie on 082 570 9834 or email happy@tincantown.org.za to meet gorgeous Nala.

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