Tin Can Town

Helping the Animals of Blikkiesdorp,Delft

Animal Rescuers

Join the Rescue Crew Club.

As a member of the Rescue Crew Club, you help Tin Can Town sustain our life-saving operations, plan and budget more effectively for programs (such as feeding, kennels,medical care, sterilizations, outreaches, education upliftment for the children etc.

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What We Do?

You Will Love It.


Monthly outreaches: Providing Primary Care such as deworming, tick & flea prevention and minor wound treatment. Educate the community on how to properly take care of their companion animals.

Rescue & Adopt

Finding amaxing homes for the animals rescued from abused, abondoned and neglected circumstances.





Veterinary Care

Impoverished communities doe not have the means to afford Veterinary care for their animals. This is where we provide our most important serice: Life saving Veterinary Care!